DJ Tara (NYC) on the Main Ingredient 9/7!

SFNY 3 is fast approaching which reminded of hearing DJ Tara drop bombs at SFNY 2, so I decided to invite her down to play a guest set this Monday! Tune in to The Main Ingredient every Monday Night / Tuesday Morning at midnight.

About DJ Tara:

Absorbing the sounds of New York since her birth in Brooklyn, DJ Tara spins a collage of sounds that captures the eclectic vibe of modern New York life.

Having performed at diverse and unconventional venues around New York City, DJ Tara is always looking for new and exciting crowds to spin for. Early on in her DJ career she realized disk jockeying is more then just spinning records; it is a matter of trust between the DJ and the crowd and sharing the knowledge and love the DJ has for the music and the feelings it projects onto its listeners. The crowd trusts the DJ to become part of another great night in their lives, and the DJ returns that favor by giving them a taste of the familiar as well as something new that may be something they have never realized was needed or missed in their musical memory.