Phantom Lover (NYC) on The Main Ingredient 1/25!

The ever-mysterious Phantom Lover will join me this Monday at midnight in the East Village Radio Studio to talk about his excellent Mauve EP and to play a guest DJ set for the 88th edition of The Main Ingredient.

About Phantom Lover:

Who (or what) is Phantom Lover? Conceived as a collaborative effort, Phantom Lover is the premier project by Brooklyn-based producer Hadyn. Named after the 1976 Leon Ware recording of the same name, Phantom Lover was imagined as a cross between a one man production team and a large scale collective effort, and with the help of a cast of vocalists which includes new school soul talent Jesse Boykins III, UK songstress Fatima, the eclectic Sarah White, and DC’s own Nicholas Ryan Gant, Hadyn is pleased to present the Mauve EP.

Originally from Los Angeles, Hadyn moved to Brooklyn, New York in 2005 to attend and subsequently graduate from sound engineering school. Afterwards, while interning at a record studio in Brooklyn, Hadyn met Jesse Boykins III, who insisted that Hadyn include his track “Chanel” on Jesse’s then-upcoming album “The Beauty Created”. Then, after years of DJing in New York and honing his production skills, Hadyn felt it was time to put his Phantom Lover concept into motion. Based on dj/producer based efforts such as Soul II Soul, Massive Attack and many others, Phantom Lover is meant to be a combination of beat culture production and more traditional based song writing. Balance is key in Hadyn’s mind, and with his Phantom Lover project and his incredible cast of collaborators he is proud to share the Mauve EP with the world, his first step in what will sure to be a long venture ahead.