Pure P (Stockholm) On The Main Ingredient 10/9!

Pure P (Twitter, Facebook) will join me on The Main Ingredient for a guest DJ set Monday night. I’m excited for this; I’ve been playing his productions going back to 2005. As part of the duo Up Hygh, he collaborated with with Eska (one of my favorite singers of all time) on the rocket launch “Be Known” (at the tender age of 20). His 2008 collaborative album with Swedish vocalist Melo (as Hygher Baby) also boasts some heat rocks, especially “Let U Go (Part 1)” and “Coming Home (Part 2) featuring Fatima.” And in addition to his periodic 12″ releases on GAMM (Sweden’s best kept secret remix label) he produced NY SH#T, a full album (also available as three 12″s) of remixes of NYC MCs which include imaginative recontextualizations like “Ms Phat Bootleg” and “Body Heat (Queens Mix)” which always get great reactions from hip hop heads, followed be even greater reactions when I tell them that it’s the work of a Swedish producer.

He’s also done production and remix work for The Foreign Exchange, Yahzarah, SoulParlor (I greatly prefer his remix of “Bang Illy” to the album version), and many more, in addition to running the popular Soul/Boogie/R&B club night Devotion.