CharlieRED (NYC) On The Main Ingredient October 8th!

NYC Duo CharlieRED (Rocki Evans + Cobaine Ivory) released their excellent debut album MUSE. September 3rd. They’ll join me next week in the EVR studio to talk about it and share some tracks from their music collections.

About CharlieRED:

With the release of their latest project ‘MUSE.’, CharlieRED continues the stretch the boundaries of Soul with their Blues/Hip-Hop fusion. The dust still has not settled from their December 2012 EP ‘Religion’ and they waist no time releasing a new album 8 months later. The collaboration of singer/songwriter Rocki Evans and beatsmith/producer Cobaine Ivory continue to make creations that are being spread virally through word of mouth. With the idea that less is more, there is a message of freedom and intent through their music. They intend to invoke thought and inspire, while also giving you that sense of nostalgia that this has been missing for quite sometime; though something like this has never been heard before.