Miles Bonny (Kansas City) On The Main Ingredient 10/18!

Miles Bonny who runs the INnatesounds label out of Kansas City will be in town to perform at the Brooklyn Bodega CMJ “We Got The Jazz” Showcase Tuesday, but will first be my guest on the 125th edition of The Main Ingredient.

He has had his hands in (probably a record high) 32 songs that I’ve played on the show, mostly as a performer and I offered him an open invite to be a guest quite a while ago. I’m really excited that it’s finally going to happen.

About Miles Bonny:

Miles Bonny was born uptown in NYC (Payson Ave.) and grew up in Teaneck, NJ until college when he returned to his parent’s roots in the midwest USA’s Kansas and Missouri regions. Grandson of a music therapist, son of a trumpeter, Miles also produced hip hop beats, leading to a feature in the now defunct Scratch Magazine at it’s height. Since first recording as a vocalist in 2006, he has traveled to Europe to tour 3 times in the last 4 years, focusing on Germany, where he records for Melting Pot Music. Currently residing in Kansas City, Missouri, Miles will play for the first time in NYC at the Brooklyn Bodega CMJ Showcase “we got the jazz” at DROM on Oct 18th.

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