Sarah White (NYC) On The Main Ingredient 11/8!

Sarah White who’s new album Space Madness was released a few weeks ago will join me in the studio next week to talk about the album and share some of the music she’s listening to right now.

About Space Madness:

Space Madness is a dazzling collection of songs showcasing Sarah White’s remarkable songwriting skills, vocal abilities and her knack for dropping incredibly hypnotic, well refined, electro-acoustic soul bangers. The album is tightly reinforced with stylistically inventive and deep-leaning, future soul-funk productions from multi-talented musician and producer Rico Simon Mendez (a.k.a. DJ Don Cuco) with additional productions from Hadyn, Teddy G, and PoLo (PapaJazz) and vocal contributions from Cecilia Stalin and Nicholas Ryan Gant.Space Madness is an emotionally honest, life-affirming, and gorgeous record, full of unrelenting positive messages. Album opener “Reachin’ Up” is a compellingly sombre yet blues melting jam which beautifully highlights Sarah’s understanding and sense of classic American soul, while songs like “Fam” and “Nu Life” are positively woozy, future boogie electrosoul transmissions, absolutely lush with impressive synths, string orchestration, and tastefully distorted guitars. All this suspended atop propulsive rhythms and percussions, and Miss White remains consistently arresting, on point, and elegant throughout. It’s truly a beautiful collaboration; a brilliant voice with a forward-leaning, unique musical vision.

About Sarah White:

Born and raised in the beautiful lake-filled city of Minneapolis, Sarah White has been surrounded by art and music since birth. Singing her first melodic notes in the stroller, music has been an essential part of her life; a driving force behind her. A musical journey, Sarah has studied the piano, flute, guitar, electronics and voice, learning everywhere from moonlit freestyle ciphers to classical training. Once she discovered her voice, experimenting with song and emceeing, have brought her the most pleasure and continues to inspire her to experiment and take risks.

Collaborating with many talented Dj’s, Musicians and Artists, Sarah has traveled on a ride through Hip Hop, Trip-Hop, Soul, House, Folk and eventually landed in her current home, Brooklyn, NY. Sharing stages and building with the likes of Amy Winehouse, K-OS, The Coup, Imani Uzuri, King Britt, Rucyl Mills, Jose James, Dj Moni, Ursula Rucker, Afta-1, and many more amazing talents, she feels humbly inspired while inspiring others.

Sarah continues to grow and create by ‘spreading love the Brooklyn way’! She is currently working with her partner and Producer, Rico Simon Mendez aka DJ Don Cuco, developing Cultura Love, a non-profit devoted to bringing music and art to kids in communities in need. Their new collaborative album, “Space Madness”, will be released on Cultura Love Records, where they will dedicate 50% of all proceeds to the development of Cultura Love and its first workshop.

CULTURA LOVE is a world where all artists can express their true passion in the form of color, sound, mind, body, vision and spirit.

Sarah is also a mother of 2 lovely girls, a photographer and a writer.